Contact Corey Lee Sargent

Audrie Elizabeth Sargent I Love You Dad
Audrie Sargent for Corey Sargent years ago.

Please contact me for questions/concerns. I have collected thousands of pieces of evidence and can explain conceptually the vile phenomena our current system structure breeds. I also understand trauma & children quite well. If I cannot be reached I have several references to which I can refer you to for the same evidence and documentation that I possess. Let’s change this thing its just not ‘right’, and more importantly it is illegal, immoral, and in layman IT IS ‘WRONG’.

Below is the indigency affidavit I submitted to the 397th of Grayson County, Texas signed into order on 10/17/2017. My address is listed as:

29 Fm 2729 Whitewright, Texas.

That was my address then, it never changed, it has been the same for the entire suit, and my address still remains the same.

case # FA-17-1605
Affidavit of Indigency Corey Lee Sargent
Corey Lee Sargent Moral Courage


Grayson County 397th FA-17-1605
Corey Lee Sargent Born December 5th, 1981 in Grayson County, Texas: Audrie Elizabeth Sargent’s Proud Biological Father!


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“My children were taken due to their mother having had previous children taken from her. I have fought for my first son since 2013. My second sons custody trial begins in a month. I will do whatever is necessary to fight this evil and unjust system”. -anonymous per request

testimonial 1

“I have never seen so many underhanded ruthless people in my life!!! I was humiliated,degraded emotionally abused all throughout my case even in the 397th court. Judge Gary didn’t know what was going on in my case most of the time. He allowed CPS to do whatever they wanted to do. I jumped through all the hoops I was supposed to and some. I was still unable to get my children back”.

testimonial 2

“I was their neighbor while Corey and I attended the University of North Texas. Corey was unlike most college men in town. He spent his time working, studying, and caring for his sweet little girl. I remember the first time I entered his apartment. I couldn’t believe what a home that he had made there. Curtains hanging, pictures framed, everything was clean and nice. Audrie’s room of course was decorated and filled with books. Corey was and is one of the best father’s I know. Not just because of what he physically provided for his daughter but because of what he instilled in her. He raised her to have Dignity and Grace. He raised her to fight for what is right and to not give up when things aren’t easy. That amazing little girl is so amazing because she is loved and cared for. I previously worked for Denton County Friends of the Family. I was a legal advocate and child care specialist. I never had any reason to believe that there was any indication of abuse or neglect from Corey Lee Sargent. I saw a father that would and will do anything to give his daughter the best that he can”.

testimonial 3

please contact me via email so i can discuss Grayson County with you….I have another case I need to talk to you about. -anonymous per request

testimonial 4

“They are abusing their power, show them that there are consequences for their actions. They need to be held accountable”. -Maria

testimonial 5

21 thoughts on “Contact Corey Lee Sargent

  1. If you think Grayson county is bad you have never felt with fannin county cps. Grayson county is a dream compared to Fannin county. Their only goal is to remove the child..

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    1. You know I’ve been wondering about the specifics in Fannin County because I don’t seem to sign as many cases going up to the higher appeals courts in Texas Supreme Court but I know all of the high level players in Grayson are from Fannin County. I need to look into sand and more but honestly what I would suspect is being so close and related it’s probably apples apples are probably both just as bad in right step privations and removing kids strictly for money I’ll pull up the stats later.

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    2. I’m almost at a loss of what else to do. It is so in your face. The Departments zeal in trying to destroy the members of Families who stand up to them is in the best interest of the children? Paying a known abuser$3,00 0 dollars a month when I had $240 for both of them. Look at the desparity between what the family gets and what the abuser gets

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    3. click the link below…

      North Texas ‘Abuse’ Rate

      ….to see a data chart i just made…Grayson is worse than Fannin in recent years. Cooke has a higher rate of confirmed ‘abuse’ than both Grayson & Fannin Counties, all 3 are more than double the Average State Rate though, and the 3 are roughly QUADRUPLE the rate of the very close in proximity Collin County. Local county CPS employees and their affiliates will give the lower average income of the 3 more rural counties as the reason more children are ‘abused’ in them. In reality the lower income average does contribute to the numbers, but not in the way Grayson County ADA Cheryl Vaughan would like to convice us to believe. The lower income in rural counties results in the parents of such counties to be less likely to be able to afford to hire a more-costly private attorney to adequately defend them from being unfairly and unlawfully victimize by CPS, and more likely to have to rely on court-appointed attorneys as their only chance at representation. Factor in that these public ‘defenders’ get paid substantially less than they would if privately hired, also that appointed attorneys often (and in my case indeed are) at least complicit to CPS, and even worse are participatory with CPS in ‘rights’ deprivation for personal financial gain.

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  2. These people have gotten away with murder for far too long. Can anyone explain to me how exactly falsified court documents, attempted murder of family members and purposely placing Children with child molesters and abusers is in the best interest of the children?? What will it Take to get my grandchildren back to the place of Love and No Abuse? How can we get others to lift up their voices? Our Judicial System has become the Criminals and how dare any of us sqawk about it. Never give up. I never ever will until Criminals go to jail for their Crimes against children and Families ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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    1. Because it’s kept secret, they terrorize our families so brutally we submit, or most often we do whatever they want and keep silent because they are holding our beloved children as ransom and traumatizing them every time we act or react. They are basically holding on so tight and viciously that we become terrified we will tear our kids totally apart if we push or pull back. It is absolutely sickening. Behaviorally speaking they punish our parenting skills to extinction in both possible ways. Punishment by contingent withdrawal on the one side by removing the reinforcing factors (our children) and punishment by contingent stimulation on the other side when our parenting is followed by impossible tasks & endless stress (because of the intimidation, coersion, deceit, perjury, falsification of court documents, and withholding exculpatory evidence). This dual punishment effect combines with these behaviors from the individuals in State Goverments, CPS & Court systems being reinforced financially (Federal Payouts). Now consider the lack of honest and accurate professional measurement of abuse & neglect in children combined with flawed system design (why & when incentives are applied for workers). All of this together plus lack of personal & legal accountability (Immunities) creates an antithe-system of sorts where behaviors are eventually shaped around every rule, law, code, and constitutional amendment possible to reach the reinforcer (federal payouts trickling through the entire system) with the minimal amount of effort. It’s an extremely difficult job to handle both technically and emotionally and entering stranger’s families to legitimately assess actual trauma then intervene just enough & only when absolutely necessary to help families and not harm them. It is a job of the utmost importance and the people we have been dealing with just simply do not have the skills to do so and they are just advoiding the arduous task of utilizing the technology and resources available to get the job done. Furthermore, you put all the courts, workers, advocates, lawyers, and judges into big support groups for each other (like TASC), and finally label them ‘childrens protectors’ & provide them with authority to do so. This environmental structure will inevitably produce behaviors that are diametrically opposed to what our intentions & democratic desires were when we long ago decided that we needed to help protect each other’s kids. It has to stop we have to make real progressive change. I know Audrie, her siblings, and dozens of other once extremely cooperative and beneficial blended & mixed family members that used to work around Audrie & all of our kids almost like one single unit loving and supporting the shit out of them the whole entire time have now been manipulated and pitted against each other with Audrie in the middle of it all as the reason ‘why’. I know for almost 12 years it was nothing like this, it was not at all unhealthy our kids always thrived, and the only reason we were made into the mess we currently are with all the pressure bearing down on my only daughter is because a bunch of people who don’t care enough to actually look at us to see the family of good human beings that we are forced us to be this way because they knew that we all cared enough about Audrie Elizabeth Sargent to change into whatever they wanted us to out of pure LOVE for her

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      1. Yeah I agree with all that you have said but I must add what every parent hates to hear or acknowledge . DCF, CPS and the Guardian ad Litem and Entire Family Court System has devolved into nothing more than a child trafficking entity and the Federal Government pays these people to destroy us. These people don’t see us as human beings at all. My grandchildren are two little dollar signs to them. Sheila Lee receive $3,000 a month for holding them captive And her and her friends get to molest and abuse them freely. The Whole court all the caseworkers and judges Know about the molestation and abuse and they actually Use the molestation and abuse as weapons against us. I refuse to make any excuses for this pack of Criminals. Placing Children purposely where they will be abused and neglected is a Crime. I pray that every Corrupt DCF CPS and Guardian ad Litem and Judges begin to experience themselves personally the Exact same destruction and evil that they have visited upon so many of us.

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        1. Oh I’m not afraid to agree with those very implications I see it too, and I am not by any means excusing the individuals currently involved In wrong-doing. The first point of this movement must be to expose & hold these crooks accountable because I can see and am certain many many of these individuals are aware of what and must therefore possess a level of intentionality in their actions. The ones the are conscious of the problem then remain complicit are no more free of guilt than the people they watch inflict these uncinstitutionalities upon us, our families, and our descendents. They are all contributors. The second point of the movement is to create the change and ensure our system design then improves as we insert a new wave of individuals into the roles of crucial responsibility and importance. So I’m trying to talk extensively & technically about both aspects as I do not see us succeeding any other way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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          1. Well I’m a Christian and I fully understand that it will take the Hand of God to get accomplished what we all need done here. I am excited to find someone who is actually standing up for his family. So many just received the CPS beat down and succumb to the tricks and lies and just give up. I know that these people don’t know what to do with the likes of us. I write the President twice a week giving up the names and contact information of the Corrupt individuals involved in my particular case. I advise you to do the same if you aren’t already. I have started 16 people in Hillsborough County on the same letter writing campaign. There are many more than 16 families victimized by these people but so many have been terrorized into silence. I’m sad for them but I need soldiers with me. I want to see these Criminals not only widely exposed I also want to see them in prison where they belong. That’s where the Hand of God comes in. All the people are Corrupt so I believe that God has a plan in regards to saving our children. These people have tried to kill me seven times and that’s an indication to me that what I’m doing is working. We need to come together Nation wide and we need to talk with one mouth telling the truth on these people just like they talk with one mouth in their lies. I know that we can knock these walls of Corruption down as we come together to Scream Louder amen?

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            1. Good job! Yes I have started reaching out to my officials and am continuing to expand how far I reach out. Thank you for reading and commenting it all really helps us heal where we can and fight everywhere and anywhere!

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              1. Awesome. If I know 16 families that have been victimized by CPS then I know that you know people as well. Talk to who you know and maybe we can come together somehow to go to the White House and fly signs about Defunding CPS. I have people from YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ asking me for help getting their children back. It’s a national problem. I’m praying about it and a plan will come to us hopefully soon.

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    2. He is lying and I am Audrie Sargent and he posted all this stuff and I specifically told him not to and I told him to take it down and he said โ€œabsolutely notโ€ and I said โ€œ thatโ€™s my stuffโ€ and he said โ€œoh wellโ€

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      1. Please share our lives with the world by commenting about my daughter and how much EVERY ONE of her true family members has fought and gone through hell for our Beautiful Girl!
        We all love you Audrie Elizabeth Sargent! Your Father, your Mother, and the rest of your family are giving everything we can to protect you and give you the wonderful life you deserve. You and I both know these people who have forced themselves unfairly into our lives can’t be trusted, only very poorly pretend to even care, and will never ever be there for you and us they will never help and they only bring terror and fear. Don’t despair baby girl we are good people I will prove it I swear!

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      2. I love you Audrie if this is really you…im sorry these people are controlling our lives. Read the letter you wrote to yourself in your journal. We can help ourselves, other kids, and families who aren’t strong enough or can’t fight for themselves by sharing our story and fighting for OUR family. We are getting our lives back girl we have too much love! โค

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      3. He’s trying to help your family Sweet Audrie don’t be mad at him. Tell the people the Hell that you have been through because of the lies these people have told on your family. No matter what has happened to you none of it is your fault nor is it your dad’s fault. There are evil people out there who only thrive on destruction of our families and greed. I’m sorry for the hell you have been through. Know in your heart of hearts that you’re not the only one. I know a couple of young ladies that have been raped several times a piece. They keep being placed in that position on purpose. Be in unity with your Dad and help him help all of you okay. I will be praying for you all. God sees and knows all and He has a plan but for His plan to work it will take unity with your family. Blessings to you. Help is on the way to you okay. Just hold on to your family ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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        1. She fought so hard against this for over a year. It’s only in the last 3 or 4 weeks that she has really started to share negative feelings towards her parents beyond what a normal pre-teenager would. She is strong she still refuses to talk to her ‘advocates’ The girl yells ‘Stranger Danger’ and refuses to talk when her CASA advocates pull her out of class & school to ‘talk’. Then she demands to talk to and be represented accurately by her attorney ad litem Garland Cardwell, and he doesn’t even go see her. Only once in over a year and 7 court hearings deciding her life. These people are terrible and she knows it she’s the wisest and probably the smartest kid I’ve ever known.

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          1. She is smart and someone is making her feel ashamed of her situation and I know that she’s in excruciating pain. Unfortunately pain speaks. You are a good Dad just keep loving her and praying for her. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. Let’s use it to knock down these walls of Corruption together alright ๐Ÿ˜Š

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        2. you don’t understand. he is manipulating everyone into thinking he is right but he looks terrible. he is not in the right place. and i wish someone would just listen to me but corey lee sargent you keep THROWING MY VOICE DOWN AND IM TIRED OF IT!!! YOU SAY I HAVE MY RUGHTS TAKEN FROM CPS BUT WHERES THE RIGHT OF ME BEING ABLE TO HAVE MY OWN PRIVACY!! AND NOT HAVE AN ENTIRE WEBSITE NAMED AFTER ME!


          1. I’m sorry Audrie. I was speaking based on what I have seen my son go through with CPS they actually kidnapped his babies and placed them directly in the home of a pedophile and child predator. I always feel sorry for the Dad and the kids. If I misspoke and hurt you in any way I am so very sorry. I Know that you must be ripped to shreds emotionally. I know my grandchildren are so confused ripped away from their father who never spanked them only to be placed where they’re molested and otherwise abused. You seem to be old enough to speak for yourself so try to do so in as calm a manner as you can. It would help you very much to take the time to read the Psalms in the Bible. I find them very soothing. Jesus Christ loves you very much and when you make Him Lord of your life He’s always there with you and He helps you take control of your situation. I’m sorry that you are embarrassed by the Way your dad is trying to help. Ask the Lord to give him wisdom and to guide both of you. I pray that He would give both of you peace. God bless you Audrie


      4. This is Corey Sargent and yes this comment, and exercise in free speech thereof, was from the beautiful and amazing child that Amanda and I along with the help of several relatives plus the village of course raised into the kind, caring, hard-working, and beneficially contributing 12 year old human that she is today. Other’s who have never tried to meet her to see who she is inside and out have most definitely overstepped their constitutional bounds to interfere with this process, but try as they may they will never truly take Audrie. She will never be theirs because we are people, and we are people who will always overcome our struggles. In fact, our struggles will always define us, and I am confident that the outstanding parenting we have always & will continue to display is enough that she will from now on become a better person despite ‘the Dept’ and their efforts. Yes she and we will be more traumatized and distrusting than before the removal of our humanity, but because so I and surely Audrie will continue to treat these very people more humanely than they have treated us. I just hope their kids cn do the same. I would also like to provide an update. Audrie and I have long since worked out the exact issue she so freely complained about in her comment without anyone having or even trying to assist us.. Im just glad we we able to overcome as Father and Daughter as we always have, and that because of us and no one else remain in control of, and have kept in tact, our beautiful parent-child relationship. I love you Audrie I will always try my best for you, and I know you always do you best for all of us! Remember to change the world. Never let the world change you. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Your Father,
        Corey Lee Sargent,
        the Gen Z Miyagi

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