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Our Parent-CHILD Relationships!

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Because of our future, a future that belongs to the children of Generation Z and Beyond. The reason why I am showing our own personal story, the tragedy that has become our actual life, to the whole world is because we are all in this state of ours that is Texas, and we are all in agreement that every child loved has the right to each loving parent & be protected from undue trauma. As we all should, I hold myself equally accountable for both your child(ren) and mine. The whole point of the Child Welfare System is to reduce/prevent abuse /neglect & keep children with their families while upholding the fundamental liberty interests established by The Constitution of the United States of America. In order to do so successfully & humanely we must be honest, transparent, and focused on the children when making critical life-altering decisions on behalf of our society at large. We have the entire country bearing down on our ‘system’, a Foster System ruled by the Supreme Court to be unconstitutional, and we owe it to our children to truly make a change. The entire Culture needs to be changed. We need to invest in our children & in their future by eliminating the many injustices that are commonplace today. Until we financially incentivize trauma reduction and family education instead of incentivizing traumatic removal and family desecration as we do now we will neither protect children nor secure our most fundamental of liberty interests in raising our own kids. Today’s children are depending on us to fix this, and in reality it needs to be done not tomorrow but today. I know that together we can change, but not until our child welfare officials begin to hold themselves just as accountable for our kids as they hold us, and as we hold ourselves, as parents. Until we form true co-citizen type of parent/role-model relationships to teach our children humanity and model what we desire of them we are most certainly doomed as a culture of Texans in America & as a Race of Humans on Planet Earth.

– Corey Lee Sargent, Proud Father of Audrie Elizabeth Sargent

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This site was designed by & it’s blog is authored by Audrie Elizabeth Sargent’s father. Corey Lee Sargent created this blog site in November of 2018 after a year of Audrie & her entire family being victimized & terrorized by the individuals responsible for the Texas Child Welfare System in Grayson County, Texas in order for Justice to finally be served his Awesomely Altruistic & Amazingly Wonderful 12-year old daughter Audrie, her 2 siblings, the rest of her family, and the countless other children & their families who have been similarly traumatized in recent decades. Corey received his A.S. in Psychology from Grayson County Community College in 2007, graduated with his B.S. from the University of North Texas receiving the Outstanding Undergraduate in Applied Behavior Analysis Award at the 2010 Honor’s Day, and returned to UNT in August 2017 as a graduate student to study Culture Change in the Interdisciplinary Studies department. Audrie’s every constitutional & human ‘right’ is now being deprived from her and both of her parents after the once happy, healthy, and secure life she had always known was forever taken from her by the Texas Department of Family Protective Services (CPS) on October 11, 2017 at 5:20pm.  Audrie Elizabeth is still currently being held in the care, custody, and control of ‘the Dept.’  Both now face Suit in Termination Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship in case # FA-17-1605 in the 397th Judicial District Court of Grayson County, Texas. Corey has since become a child & family welfare researcher and activist combating to reform Texas’ Unconstitutional Foster Care System.  In addition to reform he intends to hold the multitude of current individuals who are knowingly participating in widespread ‘rights’ deprivations for financial gain fully accountable for their actions. He most certainly intends to honor the promise that he made to the each of numerous individual employees at Grayson County, Texas’ Child Protective Services Office.  He promised each of them as well as many other individual authorities across Texas that, per their job descriptions are responsible for ensuring that we as families are given our Constitutional Rights, he would hold them accountable for any & all of their immoral and unlawful behaviors resulting in trauma to his beloved & only daughter Audrie Elizabeth Sargent. Where’s Audrie’s Rights? Welcome to Our Fight! It is just one of many fights in the ‘Rights’ War in this state, and just one of many more in a nation wide ‘Rights’ War!  We as proud native Texan Americans can use all the support we can muster to achieve the visionary ideal of a truly protective society to raise our own children in presently, and that our current children can raise their children of the future in! And if need be this is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.

Corey Lee Sargent, proud father of Audrie Elizabeth Sargent Rights Warrior

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Audrie’s Beautiful Voice

Bethany Hamilton Quote: What Little Girls Are Made Of

Audrie Elizabeth Sargent’s First Word’s in Foster Care- Note to Self:

Jonathans Place Emergency Foster Shelter Texas Child Removal
Audrie Elizabeth Sargent’s Note to Self

Audrie’s Expressed Desire for Representation:

Garland Cardwell Attorney ad litem for Child in Texas. Audrie Sargent's Attorney in Termination of Parent-Child Relationship Suit brought by DFPS in Grayson County, Texas
Audrie Sargent’s Desire for Representation.

Audrie Sargent’s Desire for Representation.

Garland Cardwell Note: 1st Time he Visits Audrie!
November 11/21/17 1st and only time he visits his client Audrie!

This site was created to show how Individuals within the Grayson County, Texas Child Welfare system collectively deprived us of our ‘Rights’ and continue to Abuse and Neglect my 12-year old daughter Audrie Elizabeth Sargent. Audrie has been held in state control & custody against her will for over a year now, and her every request has been misrepresented or oppressed. So most importantly this site is so her desires can no longer be ignored, and so her beautiful voice will no longer be silenced...

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Timeline of Events

“You can never get all the facts from just one newspaper, and unless you have all the facts, you cannot make proper judgements about what is going on”Harry S. Truman
02/14/2017 CPS Investigation Begins
10/11/2017 CPS REMOVAL of Audrie Elizabeth Sargent
10/13/2017 Garland Cardwell Appointed
10/18/2017 Beverly Rogers Appointed
10/19/17 Amanda Hires Timothy Haney
11/22/2017 Corey and CASA of Grayson County Calls
01/29/2018 4th Hearing 397th Court -Beverly Rogers Withdrawal Hearing
04/17/2018 Mandamus Received U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
05/03/18 Corey and Audrie ‘Sandy Lake Competition’ Call
5/21/2018 Rick Dunn Appointed
07/18/2018 Audrie’s Birthday 🙂
07/23/2018 Mandamus Denied
11/14/18 Corey and Audrie ‘PERMANENT’ Call
11/15/2018 Corey and Rick Dunn’s Office Call 2
11/26/2018 8th Hearing 397th Court -Jury Trial
12/3/2018 Corey Sargent’s 397th Motions
12/17/2018 9th Hearing 397th Court -3rd Permanency Hearing
12/21/2018 Corey and Jennifer Trusty Call
01/10/2019 Corey and District Clerk Call
01/15/2019 Corey and Rick Dunn’s Office Calls
02/11/2019 Texas BAR Grievance Filed on Garland Cardwell
02/13/2019 Texas BAR Grievance Filed on Rick Dunn
02/14/19 2 Year Anniversary Valentine’s Day Rose Lunch
02/15/19 10th Hearing 397th Court 4th and Final Permanency Hearing
03/18/19 Jury Trial 397th Court 2nd Date

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TGIM-a la Dr. Eric Thomas-blog damn human

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”. -Winston Churchill

Thats the red-hot fire of truth right there, and right here folks!

My most recent email to Rick Dunn my Grayson County, Texas court appointed attorney ad litem in suit affecting the parent-child relationship:

BLOG DAMN HUMAN-The Immaculate Deception a.k.a. The Antithe-System: Part 1

As a nation whose population majority regarding the ‘big beliefs’ is made up of Christians of one sect or another, being an unapologetic atheist myself, and having just suffered through another ‘Constitutional-Right’s Deprived’ birthday celebration of the Judaeo-Christian Savior Jesus Christ I find the ‘Immaculate Conception’ so commonly known to most Christians an appropriate topic to use metaphorically to help explain a concept that I have been developing.  I have been using the term Anti-System or better yet I use the term ‘Antithe-System’ to label this concept that describes the phenomena I have been focused on that I believe is the cultural basis for the currently alarming state of our human societies here on Planet Earth, and especially the highly problematic societal state of our modern America.

After All IT IS Just Us All

Because of my beautiful daughter Audrie Elizabeth Sargent, in remembrance of the spark that Tupac Shakur lit, in honor of his 2PAC All Eyez on Me first ever double-disk-cd album, and in dedication to Lupe Fiasco for his contribution of all that IS Drogas I now present my first double-blog damn human post day! Thank you I forgive you all, and I love you too.

-Gen Z Miyagi

The ‘Evidence’

Audrie Elizabeth Sargent Human ‘Rights’ Deprivation Civil Rights Constitutional Rights Corey Lee Sargent case # FA-17-1605 or 06-1388-336 or 06-1388-397 in the 397th Judicial District Court of Grayson County, Texas the Honorable Judge Brian Keith Gary presiding. Child Protective Services and DFPS Lies, perjury, falsified and fraudulent court documents, withheld exculpatory evidence, intimidated, and coerced our Family of both Sargent’s and Bertrand’s including 2 other siblings. Amanda Bertrand and Corey Sargent being Termination in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship. Temporary or Permanent Managing Conservatorship by violating or depriving us all of First Amendment Fourth 4th Fifth 5th Sixth 6th Fourteenth 14th Amendment Rights of Americans. Also depriving Audrie our daughter of her Texas Right's of Youth in Foster Care. Sherman Texas protection of a child removal of a child cps department of family protective services public corruption and conspiracy deprivation of civil rights under color law no evidence presented collaboration of entire county system TASC
Burden of Proof in FA-17-1606 and other Termination of Parent-Child Relationship Rights Cases
“All decisions in the justice system must be determined by the physical and scientific evidence, and the credible testimony corroborated by that evidence, not in response to public outcry”. -Robert P. McCulloch. 

I have grown up as a person who has tenaciously focused on ascertaining truth of our existence in this universe. While earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at University of North Texas, returning as Master of Science seeking grad student, and being appreciative every single day of my life that while an undergraduate at the University of North Texas I happen to randomly enroll in a crash course in how to think critically. Because so, the terms ‘investigation’ and ‘evidence’ are very near & dear to my brain as well as my heart.  The two words are also crucially important in logic, analysis, critical thinking, and when using the scientific method.  ‘Investigation’ & ‘Evidence” are not words to be thrown lightly around, especially in civil, criminal, or any court of judgement involving matters of truth. This is even more so the case when our fundamental liberty interests, or constitutional ‘rights’ are at stake.  The Parent-Child Relationship is one of the most established and fundamental of liberty interests granted by our United States Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights.  Cases involving parental ‘rights’, because of the potential consequences on our most important constitutional protections, are only to be judged under very stick evidential standards.

standard of proof parental rights.png

Before I begin to display and examine the evidential truths of our case life, and before I militantly dispel the mistruths, uncover the lies, and expose some who’s behavior is of a more sinister type I would like to provide a baseline for cases in Texas involving parent-child ‘rights’ that are as old as time. A most detailed and understandable explanation of the standard of proof in parental rights cases just like Audrie, Amanda’s, and mine can be found from Southern Methodist University, and can be read by clicking the link below

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Contact Corey Lee Sargent

Audrie Elizabeth Sargent I Love You Dad
Audrie Sargent for Corey Sargent years ago.

Please contact me for questions/concerns. I have collected thousands of pieces of evidence and can explain conceptually the vile phenomena our current system structure breeds. I also understand trauma & children quite well. If I cannot be reached I have several references to which I can refer you to for the same evidence and documentation that I possess. Let’s change this thing its just not ‘right’, and more importantly it is illegal, immoral, and in layman IT IS ‘WRONG’.

Below is the indigency affidavit I submitted to the 397th of Grayson County, Texas signed into order on 10/17/2017. My address is listed as:

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“They are abusing their power, show them that there are consequences for their actions. They need to be held accountable”. -Maria

testimonial 5

“I was their neighbor while Corey and I attended the University of North Texas. Corey was unlike most college men in town. He spent his time working, studying, and caring for his sweet little girl. I remember the first time I entered his apartment. I couldn’t believe what a home that he had made there. Curtains hanging, pictures framed, everything was clean and nice. Audrie’s room of course was decorated and filled with books. Corey was and is one of the best father’s I know. Not just because of what he physically provided for his daughter but because of what he instilled in her. He raised her to have Dignity and Grace. He raised her to fight for what is right and to not give up when things aren’t easy. That amazing little girl is so amazing because she is loved and cared for. I previously worked for Denton County Friends of the Family. I was a legal advocate and child care specialist. I never had any reason to believe that there was any indication of abuse or neglect from Corey Lee Sargent. I saw a father that would and will do anything to give his daughter the best that he can”.

testimonial 3